Norma Molina Lopez: #1 Thing To Do When Transitioning From A Corporate To Entrepreneurial Life

Not all successful entrepreneurs start out as entrepreneurs. Many empire builders start down the corporate path, but struggle along the way to make a clean transition. 

On this week’s episode of EmpiHER® TV on Apple Tv’s BRANDpreneur™ Network, Norma Molina Lopez (  shares her story of how she went from a successful corporate career to a multiplatform empire while sharing her personal struggles to overcome self doubt, fear, and success. 

“Being the best in your industry doesn’t mean that you are the best with profitability. This lesson Lopez learned early on when building her business” says Ali Craig, host of EmpiHER® TV, “ During this episode she shares how she overcame this mental block to be number one in her industry and with her income.”

EmpiHER® TV is a weekly on series sharing the true stories about what it takes for modern female entrepreneurs who are succeeding at building their empires their ways.

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