Episode 11: Jenni P

When your audience shifts the question becomes, "Do you change the message or the packaging?" to stay relevant and profitable. In this week’s episode, we meet Jenni P. Like many entrepreneurs, Jenni P’s heart was to serve on a greater scale. And with her previous brands though they had met the greater scale part- they didn’t serve the audience fully.

Jenni P was completely open.  If it was to revive the online group that still existed from her previous online business, reuse the content, or start again- she just wanted to get her message out and be able to live and love her life. Not be absorbed by the business side of the brand.

When you are so passionate about your work- don’t be scared to play all in. If your life reflects your work-then share your life. If your work is no longer transforming the lives of who you seek then change the way you share the message. The meaning of the message doesn’t need to change. Just be brave enough to create a new story that connects around your message.

WEBSITE: http://jenni-p.com