Season 2

Season 2, Fix My Brand W/ Ali Craig

Episode 4: Season 2 - Going Big

Most entrepreneurs have dreams of creating world change within their industry. To do this their brands must grow beyond themselves and into successful teams that can support, grow, and evolve the brand’s message.

This struggle for growth that tends to wipe most brands out because entrepreneurs don’t know how to evolve from solo entrepreneurs to the next level of successful entrepreneurs. And this is where we find two of our brands of Season 2 of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® airing on the Brandpreneur™ Network ( Lisa Rehurek and Talmar Anderson.

Lisa Rehurek ( from Phoenix, AZ came to the show with a successful consulting practice helping women, minority and veteran-owned businesses write winning RFPs (Requests For Proposals.) This six figured business owner was already a best selling author and sought-after speaker, but Rehurek wanted more. She wanted to uplevel her brand to that next level of growth and success.

Talmar Anderson( from outside of the Washinton, D.C. area was in a similar boat as Rehurek. Successful in her own right, Anderson wanted to expand her reach, offers, and market influence. But to go beyond the D.C. market was a struggle for this entrepreneur.

Host of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Ali Craig ( says, “ Both Rehurek and Anderson came in knowing exactly what they wanted to build. But like many successful business owners having them see their brands in a new light in which they could truly uplevel their services, offers, and income was the greatest challenge.”

Season 2, Fix My Brand W/ Ali Craig

Episode 3: Season 2 - Creative Confusion

Being an innovative entrepreneur is what distinguishes a good business owner from a revolutionary entrepreneur. And with more and more creatives flooding the entrepreneurial space, the struggle to own their creativity into a marketing asset that feels freeing to them and valuable to their audience is real.

That is where we meet Dr. Megan Anne Todd and Gina Bell of Season 2 of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® (

Dr. Megan Anne Todd  ( out of Phoenix, AZ  solo momma of 2, holds countless certifications and is an accomplished college professor who is passionate and creative in her own right. This passion led her to also be an entrepreneur, but it is also this passion that led her to struggle with her entrepreneurial brand.

Gine Bell ( from Dyer, Indiana whitewashed her creative edge into oblivion. This busy mom of 6 whose heart is to help women reconnect with their creativity, didn’t come across as creative at all. Trying to fit into the “life coach” box, Bell has removed most of what made her brand unique.

“Creativity within your brand is the best driving force as well as the most destructive. You have to know how to build a brand that balances creative growth and audience desirability,” says Ali Craig ( host of Season 2 of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® airing on the  Brandpreneur™ Network ( “Todd and Bell fell into the trap many creatives do when building their brands, show no creativity if you don’t know how to control the creativity.”

Fix My Brand W/ Ali Craig, Season 2

Episode 2: Season 2 - Lifestyle Legacy

Success comes in all shapes and sizes. And just because you have had massive success in the corporate arena, it doesn’t mean that your luck will translate into the entrepreneurial one. Well at least that is where two of the brands on Season 2 of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® ( found themselves.

Sylvia Becker-Hill out of Vista, CA ( and Http:// is a 20-year vet of the execute coaching industry, Becker-HIll has worked her business magic with Fortune 500 company leaders from around the world. Successful in her own right, Becker-Hill’s business success didn’t match the massive results she gained for her executive clients.

Cassandra Shepard from Colorado Springs, CO ( and ) entered Season 2 still holding her executive leadership role in a large international corporate organization. Clearly successful as one of the few female leaders of color within this organization, Shepard struggled with how, when, and if to make the break from the security of corporate life to pursue her entrepreneurial passions on a bigger scale.

Host of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® airing on Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network ( Ali Craig ( says, “ Both Becker-Hill and Shepard’s greatest struggle was to get out of their own way. Their corporate indoctrination on what to say, how to say it, and how to be was strangling their entrepreneurial potential because no one could relate to the PC corporate culture they were portraying.”