Where Are They Now @ Oct 17th 7pm est

Entrepreneurs are changing the face of business. But let’s get real, working double the hours than a corporate employee and making less than $50k a year - isn’t what we call “making bank.” Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® is changing all of that. Featuring seasoned industry vets to business owners just a few years in - we traveled from Coast to Coast to help fix these brands and forever change their marketplaces.

And now we are catching up with a few of our Season 1 branding vets. Join the host of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig, Ali Craig, Season 1 alumni, Emerald Greenforest and a few fun surprises during  Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network #Mogul Week Livestream on October 17th at 7pm est and they get real discussing what life and business has been like since being on the hit reality tv show.

“Once the show stops, the real work begins for the brands.” says Ali Craig, “The truth is that having a great brand is essential, but just because you have a great brand doesn’t mean that anyone knows that you are in the fight. A great brand just means you are capable of competing now.”

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Where Are They Now Special is part of the #MogulWeek an Entreventure™ Events (https://www.entreventure.events/ ) and is available for viewing on Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network as well as Roku and Amazon Fire.(https://brandpreneurtv.co/how-to-download ) #Mogul Week goes live on October 15th.