Nicole Dernersesian: How To Live Your Passion While Creating Opportunities For Yourself and Others

From Broadway to Vegas being a performer is truly in the blood of entertainers, but far too many fall away from their dreams for a life more structured. Not Nicole Dernersesian. 

On this week’s episode of Spark Stories on Apple Tv’s BRANDpreneur™ Network, Dernersesian ( shares how her love for the stage sparked a talent agency to help her and fellow performers like her find work and live their passions. 

“Dernersesian’s performing talents are obvious,” says Ali Craig, host of Spark Stories, “but to hear her story of how she didn’t want to just succeed for herself, but want to help other women and minorities get their voices out there - literally- is a spark that lead to changing the lives of thousands.”

Spark Stories is a weekly online series devoted to sharing the spark that started people on their life’s paths. 

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